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So for my first post back in a while, I thought that I may change pace a little. I read this article regarding the believability of the hit show Homeland, their take is that the show is now hard to take seriously due to the fact that they feel that there are plot errors. I’m not sure that the author, Robert Rorke, is actually aware that this show is fiction. To think that Homeland mirrors reality and that it must make absolute sense is absurdity in it’s finest. I wonder whether Rorke has an issue with plot inconsistencies in other programs such as Breaking Bad (where did Walt get that military weaponry if he was lying low?).

As humans, when watch television we sometimes suspend belief for entertainments sake, the fact that Homeland takes some poetic licence and runs with it is OK by me, it doesn’t effect me in the slightest, but yet apparently it is evidence that he program is crashing and burning. I do wonder whether there is an ulterior motive behind this, as a few weeks ago I remember that there was an article stating that the producers had to apologise for a plot twist. What is happening here, apologising for a plot twist? Are the critics of this show simple minded folk who only live in a concrete thought world? How does a TV show get to the point where there have to be apologies made when the audience doesn’t get it, or are having a hard time keeping up? Isn’t this the point of a twist? If this is the case, I demand an apology from the writers of LOST. Anyone would think that Rorke thought that the show was some kind of instruction manual on how to be a spy. It’s TV people, lighten up.