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I can’t sleep at the moment, due to my mind mulling over an issue from earlier in the day, that is closely related to this. What’s the problem exactly, you ask, dear reader? The problem is that we have stopped caring about one another, that is if we ever started. Sure, human history is full of individuals and groups being cast out and ostracised, but I have decided that I will take no part in this.

There are a great number of reasons why we engage in behaviours that ostracise others, but the main one is so that we can gain some kind of social power, whether through the denigration of another social group or individual, thus increasing our own power (very simple in-group, out-group social Psychology). Matt Prater in his questioning of the Prime Minister, showed exactly this, a cheap attempt at pushing his ideology against something that he doesn’t agree with so that he can bring more people to his flock and further push his ideology. Why do I say this? Because why else would it be a genuine question of any rational minded human being, has anyone thought to themselves ‘Wow, this gay thing is really taking off, I have fear for the future generations’? This isn’t an article about Prater, but it is about all others who feel that it is their right to stand firm on bigoted views that do nothing but offend and inflame. Too much time and attention is given to people who want to do nothing but force their vitriol down the throats of others. I agree that we live in a society that allows free speech, and that values the opinions of everyone, but aren’t extreme opinions that have been expressed in a free manner an issue which has caused problems in the past and has actually led to more restrictive societies and less free speech?

In view of this I have decided to start a personal venture, that others may follow. I am going to call bigotry out when I see it and then remove these people from my life, no more Facebook friends, no more following people on Twitter, and hopefully if this catches on and we don’t suffer fools and bigots, then one day we will have a world where freedom of speech will be about issues that matter, not about fear and hate.